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How to recognise phishing

Despite the use of various technologies for detecting and blocking unwanted and fraudulent emails, a certain percentage of them make it into the email inboxes of AMU employees and students. Especially dangerous are those emails which attempt to trick users into revealing their login information by luring them into entering their school username and password on a website that does not belong to AMU. This is called phishing.

How can these emails usually be detected?

  • The text of the email or website is often written either in a foreign language (typically English) or in broken Czech with the help of a machine translation.
  • The text is often formulated relatively generally without reference to specific aspects of the AMU computer network.
  • The email's contents are often formulated in an urgent or categorical tone (e.g. change your password or your account will be blocked in two days).
  • It will ask you to log into a website and contains a link for you to use. These links will lead to websites that do not belong to AMU (sometimes this is more obvious and other times this is less evident).
  • The sender in the signature is identified with a general designation (such as "IT support", "Helpdesk", etc.) and no specific person (that could be looked up on the AMU website) or telephone number is specified.

Emails from AMU computer network administrators

  • Unless you have agreed otherwise in a previous communication, emails from AMU network administrators will never contain active "clickable" links to login pages.
  • They will always contain the name of the specific person who sent the email.

If you receive an email with a request concerning your user account on the AMU network and you are unsure of its authenticity, please contact your faculty IT administrator or the AMU Computer Centre.


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