Wi-Fi connection

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (AMU) is a member of eduroam, an international federation of academic institutions which allows its users to visit other organisations and gain access to Internet using the same login credentials (username and password) of their home institution.


  • Your home institution must be a member of eduroam.
  • Eduroam is only available via portable, wireless-enabled devices (i.e. eduroam access is not available on AMU PCs such as in offices and computer rooms).
  • Access is available in all Wi-Fi-covered areas.
  • You must obtain your eduroam login credentials and configure your device at your home institution before visiting the AMU.
  • AMU uses WPA2 Enterprise (WPA2/AES) encryption: if your institution uses WEP and/or WPA/TKIP encryption for its eduroam network, you must change the encryption method accordingly.
  • You must include your institution's eduroam domain name when authenticating. Please note that this may vary from your E-mail domain or usual login domain.
  • You can contact support team at or at Computer Centre.

Students and employees

You can find more information about connecting to eduroam at